Freedom League

The Freedom League is arguable the most well known superhero team in the world.  The League was originally formed in 1960 after the invasion of the armies of Hades in Freedom City, an attempt by the her'es to be ready in case such a devastating evil ever attacked Earth again.  Since then, the Freedom League has gone through numerous roster changes, including such heroes as the Centurion, Deadalus, the Raven, the Scarab, Bowman and many more.

The League was disbanded in 1981 after the tragic death of Tectonic and Halogen at the hands of the Crimson Katana.  The team went their separate ways until after the events of the Terminus Invasion in 1993.  The Freedom League reformed and began operating on a global scale, and has been protecting Freedom City and the world ever since.

In the year 2014, the Freedom League vanished while on a mission in outer space.  Thanks to protocol put forth by the heroes Daedalus, Adrian Eldrich and Dr. Atom, a new team was quickly formed to protect Freedom City and the world.  During their time operating, they found a resurrected Centurion and stopped the Overshadow from conquering the world.  This new incarnation operates to this very day.

Current Members of the Freedom League

Blackspine- Team magic user with the ability to transform into a dragon

Professor Brainwave- Scientist with technopathic abilities

The Crimson Katana- Ninja working to redeem the sins of her father and grandfather (both supervillains who operated under the moniker of Crimson Katana)

Blue Bolt-  Man with the ability to run at superhuman speeds and hurl bolts of electricity

Scarlet Sentinel-  Teenager in possession of an alien symbiote that gives him incredible powers

Freedom League

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