It has been one year since the new Freedom League defeated the Overshadow and stopped SHADOW from conquering the world.   While the world is indeed a much safer place now that the Freedom League has taken their rightful place again, SHADOW still operates in secrecy, trying to rebuild it's shattered empire.  On top of that, AEGIS Director Horatio Powers has recently vanished while managing a top secret mission in Africa, and new director Valerie Masterson has become determined to stop SHADOW operatives before they've begun and thus preventing a worldwide attack from the wicked organization.  More than ever, AEGIS needs those who are willing to do what the Freedom League cannot and operate outside the boundries of international law.

For this reason, Director Masterson has revived the Price of Freedom initiative: a team of expendable "agents" put together by AEGIS to act during the implementation of the Moore Act.  Recruiting from captured criminals, villains and outlaws, the Price of Freedom Squad is presented with two options:  Work for AEGIS and recieve a more lenient sentence for their crimes or die.

Price of Freedom

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